I am a Research Professor at the CNRS and my scientific projects are developed at the Institute of Chemistry of Clermont-Ferrand, ICCF UMR 6296, in the Thermodynamics and Molecular Interactions of Ionic Liquids group.

My work progresses in the field of physical chemistry and molecular thermodynamics of fluids and solutions. I study the thermodynamic, thermophysical and phase equilibrium properties of solutions using a set of methodologies, both experimental and theoretical, for interpreting the macroscopic properties observed at the level of the molecular interactions and of the microscopic structures. I am responsible for the experimental measurements and for the development of new methodologies in the laboratory and I work in collaboration with Professor A. Padua who is a specialist in molecular simulation.

My recent projects concern the solvation and transport in ionic liquids, and the interactions between ionic liquids and solid materials. The scientific issues addressed are chosen are considered from the point of view of fundamental physical chemistry, with downstream applications in chemistry and engineering processes, materials science, earth and environmental sciences.