Graduate Students

  • Robin Mom, PhD student jointly with Philippe Label of PIAF lab.
  • Émilie Bordes, PhD, grant from the French Ministry of Higher Education, joint supervision with Margarida Costa Gomes (CNRS).
  • Pablo B. Sánchez, PhD, Eiffel Excellence Scholarship, joint supervision with Josefa Garcia (U Vigo, Spain).
  • João França, PhD grant from FCT, joint supervision with Carlos Nieto de Castro (U Lisbon, Portugal).

Team members

  • Margarida Costa Gomes, CNRS res. prof.
  • Alain Dequidt, assist. prof. at U Clermont Auvergne.
  • Julien Devémy, CNRS res. eng. in scientific computing.
  • Laure Pison, lab tech. at U Clermont Auvergne.

Main collaborations

  • Prof. Gareth McKinley, MIT. MIT-Inditex Seed Fund 2018.
  • Prof. Mauro Ribeiro, U São Paulo. USP-COFECUB project 2018.
  • Prof. Rob Atkin, U Western Australia. Australian Research Council Discovery Project 2018.
  • Prof. Barbara Kirchner, U Bonn.
  • Prof. Daniel Blankschtein, MIT.
  • Prof. José Nuno Canongia Lopes, IST Lisbon.
  • Prof. Barbara Kirchner, U Bonn.
  • Prof. Andrea Mele, Politecnico Milano.
  • Prof. Cinzia Chiappe, U Pisa.
  • Res. prof. Catherine Santini, CNRS Lyon.
  • Res. prof. Sébastien Lebègue, CNRS Nancy.
  • Res. prof. François Jérôme, CNRS Poitiers.

Former Group Members

  • Robin Mom, MSc student jointly with Philippe Label of PIAF lab, 2017.
  • Cheima Snani, MSc student, 2017.
  • Ctirad Cervinka, post-doctoral fellow, 2016. Presently post-doc at UC Riverside.
  • Johanna Szala-Bilnik, post-doctoral fellow, 2014–16. Presently at Rutherford Appleton Lab, Oxford.
  • Ewelina Bolimowska, visiting PhD student with Dr. Catherine Santini, CNRS Lyon, 2013.
  • Michael Rouha, visiting post-doctoral fellow with prof. Josef Sedlbauer, Univ. Liberec, 2014.
  • Sadiye Velioglu, visiting PhD student with prof. Göktug Ahunbay, Istambul Tech. U, 2013-14.
  • Jean-Michel Andanson, post-doctoral fellow, 2013–14. Presently CNRS researcher.
  • Ctirad Cervinka, visiting PhD student with prof. Michal Fulem, Inst. Chem. Technol. Prague, 2013.
  • Prof. Mauro Ribeiro, invited professor, University of São Paulo, 2013.
  • Varinia Bernales Candia, visiting PhD student with prof. R. Contreras, Univ. Chile, 2012-13.
  • Xun Yao, MSc internship, 2013.
  • Mickael Simond, PhD student with Jean-Yves Coxam, 2010–13. Presently head of startup Calnesis.
  • Manas Mishra, undergraduate internship, Indian Institute of Technology, Dehli, 2012.
  • Yury Fomin, Marie Curie post-doctoral fellow, 2011. Presently at Institute for High Pressure Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.
  • Moisés Ríos Currás, PhD student with prof. Josefa Garcia, U Vigo, Spain, 2009–14.
  • Ana Catarina Mendonça, Marie Curie PhD student, 2009–12. Presently post-doc at EPF Lausanne.
  • Ajda Podgorsek, post-doctoral fellow, 2009–11. Presently working at CIPKEBIP.
  • Alfonso Pensado, post-doctoral fellow, 2008–11. Presently working at EnerSys, Leipzig, Germany.
  • Marina Macchiagodena, visiting PhD student from U l’Aquilla, Italy, 2009.
  • Olivia Fandiño Torres, post-doctoral fellow, 2009–10. Presently post-doc in prof. Tremaine’s group, Univ. Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
  • … and more.