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Research and Teaching


I work at the Institute of Chemistry of Clermont-Ferrand, a joint unit between Clermont-Ferrand university and the CNRS.
My research activity is focussed on dynamics of complex fluids with slow relaxation (ionic liquids, polymers, liquid crystals). It consists mainly of molecular modeling and simulations. The times that can be simulated with an atomic resolution are often too short for predicting accurately dynamic properties. So I am developing in particular coarse grain models using a multi-scale approach. These models are better suited for simulating long times or spatially heterogeneous systems at the nanometer scale (lubrication, interfaces, dynamical heterogeneities).


I teach in the Chemistry Department of Clermont university.
I supervise practical works in physical chemistry, introduction to chemistry (university work methods), equilibria in solution. I also supervise practical works in computer programming. I give lectures of physical chemistry for undergraduate biology students (oxidation-reduction, acid-base, thermodynamics) and I lead seminars in thermodynamics for undergraduate students.